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Costdriver New Zealand is headed up by Sandie McNeil, a Director of Costdriver. As Kiwis we are always on the hunt for the best deal and aren’t happy unless we succeed on getting the best price, which is where Costdriver has become the tool of choice for procurement of just about anything.
Sandie has over 20 years experience within the property development and construction industry, specializing in client procured developments. A creative lateral approach to initiating new projects and sourcing new development opportunities has always been at the forefront of Sandie’s success when working with some of New Zealand’s largest contractors.
Sandie’s international experience in complex residential housing developments through adverse market conditions lead him to seek the best cost procurement methods to ensure success.
With Costdriver your procurement experience will never have been so competitive, whether it is the construction industry, retail, or business resource procurement, Costdriver can save your business money. 
Costdriver New Zealand is backed by an International team with expertise in retail, logistics and a broad mix of businesses. We are cover all industries and can source suppliers from across the globe.
All business sectors within New Zealand have never been more competitive and Costdriver will provide your business with that competitive edge.
To find out more please contact Sandie who will guide you through how Costdriver can help your business become more competitive and save you money, driving your costs down.
Call Sandie on +64 (021) 072 8323

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