How CostDriver Works


For Suppliers

Our aim is to save money for our purchasers on the products they need to run their business and the benefit for you as a supplier is that we will bring the business to you!

Our purchasers tell us what product or service they need, and we match them to suppliers on our database.  We work with the purchaser to create a detailed specification which we share with you and invite you to bid for their business.

We will then present the purchaser with the results of the auction and they make the decision as to which supplier they use. We manage the process and share the outcome with you. We take our commission from the purchaser, not from you, so you can think of us as a free new business channel! It couldn't be simplier.

Step 1: We will create an e-auction specification of the product or service that the purchaser wishes us to tender.

Step 2: We will identify all potential suppliers on our database, ensuring they are able to deliver the product or service as detailed prior to the auction.

Step 3: We will invite these suppliers and any existing suppliers to take part in the online auction.
Step 4: We will run the auction and you will participate through a simple website.
Step 5: We will then produce the results of the auction and the purchaser makes the decision who they want to use. They are not forced to use the cheapest supplier although cost will be a key part of their decision.
Step 6: We will notify all the suppliers of the decision and if you are successful put you in contact with your new client.

We aim to make the process simple for you and for the purchasers taking away the need for time consuming negotiations. You will benefit from our relationship with the purchasers and us creating the orders for you.

And what makes our service so special is that there is no cost top you as a supplier. We only ask for a share of the savings we make the purchaser. You can't lose! Contact us today and reduce the cost of winning new business.


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