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Wouldn't it be good if customers came to you without the costs involved in acquiring them. Well now they can! Just tell us what products and services you provide and we will add you to our database of reputable suppliers, giving you the opportunity to bid for new customers. And best of all it costs you nothing!!

Our aim is to find our customers the products and services they want for the best price available. We want to save them time and money by managing their procurement process for them. Many businesses don't have the time or resource to review costs, so we are offering to do it for them. If we save them money we ask for a share of the savings, it's that simple.

We have a database of reputable suppliers who we match with our customers' requirements. We will then invite those suppliers to participate in our online auction, where they will bid on the product or service specified. The auction will be online, in real time and totally transparent, but suppliers cannot see who they are bidding against. You will be able to see if you have placed the lowest bid and if not have time to amend your bid accordingly.

A report will be produced for our customer detailing the outcome of the auction. The customer is then free to choose which supplier they want to use.

We have the customers and we have the detailed specification of what they are looking for, all you have to do is provide a price. We will manage the entire process from start to finish, taking away the time and stress often involved in procurement.

It really is that straightforward but if you would like more information read our How Costdriver Works step by step guide.

If you want the opportunity to win new customers without the cost of acquiring them please contact us and we can make sure we add you to our database. Just tell us what products and services you provide and we will be sure to invite you to participate in any relevant auctions. 

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