1. Are there any hidden costs?
Quite simply, NO.
2. How do Costdriver get paid?
Costdriver are only paid if we make you savings.
3. What if I don’t want to use the company you select?
Costdriver does not choose for you, you stay in control and decide.
4. What if I want to stay with my current supplier?
Not an issue, it is your choice.
5. If I choose to stay with my current supplier, do I have to pay Costdriver?
You will only pay Costdriver, if we have made a saving on the price you were previously paying your current supplier.
6. How long does the process take?
We would always say approximately 4 weeks from when you choose to work with Costdriver.
7. Why does it take 4 weeks?
Week 1 to agree the specification with you
Week 2 we select the correct suppliers
Week 3 to train the pre selected suppliers
Week 4 e-auction is run and you select the supplier
8. How do we ensure the auction is fair and that there is no collusion?
At Costdriver we are committed to ensuring that the process is fair and transparent. During the auction, suppliers will not know who they are bidding against, they will only see their bid and what position they are in.
9. Is the winning bid the last bid to be placed?
No, to ensure that the bid process is fair, any bid placed in the last 5 minutes will extend the e- auction by another 5 minutes. We want the auction to be fair and not about who can dip for the line the quickest!
10. How long does an auction last?
A typical auction will last for 30 minutes but the automatic time extension can make the auction last longer.
11. Are the bids legally binding?
All bids are legally binding and the contract length will be written into the specification. On completion of the auction all bidders email confirmation of the price that they have bid.

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